Majestic Builders FAQs

New Home Building – Twin Cities MN

There are many questions that come up throughout the building process and we don’t expect you to know all of them up front.   Since it’s a new and exciting chapter in your lives to build a new home we want you to be well informed and comfortable along the way.  Some of the more common questions in the beginning are:

1) How do I get my home designed within budget?
The first meeting usually is the time that we gather all your ideas, concepts and budget.  From there we establish what style/size home would fit within your budget taking your desired location and amenities into account.  We can work with our plans, a plan that you provide, a sketch or just ideas to get to this point.  If things are feasible at that point we take it to the preliminary plan stage through our draftsman which allows us to get our pricing and allowances in place.  From there, if everything is agreed upon we initiate our contracts and finalize the working plans.  All of this happens through direct contact with your builder.

2) How do I obtain the building site?
Either the Builder will finance and obtain the site through construction financing or the buyer will do so.  There are a number of variables that factor into both these options which your builder will discuss at the initial meeting.

3) Can we make changes along the way?
Yes!  The best part of building a custom home is the ability to make changes along the way.  While some things can’t be changed after a certain point, we understand that people do change their minds and they want the ability to incorporate that new idea into a reality.

4) How long does it take to build a home?
It takes approximately 90 days to 120 days.

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